Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi Folks

i have created this post to discuss comic books. even though still not given its due, a lot of comic books are true art with historic, cultural and aesthetic values. comics like tintin & asterix are cult. other european comics like lucky luke and bob and bobette are victims of lack of publicity or rather translations and good marketing.
american cult figures like superman and batman are now struggling hard to survive and DC is planning to kill of Batman to possibly generate interest in the character.
marvel that heralded to silver age lost the plot sometime and are churning out comics that end up in the trash can.
one off adventures like sin city and watchmen feel cold and lonely sitting on the cult mountain.
i think a proper study must be in place right from its vibrant nascency to understand and appreciate comics and perhaps even throw in suggestions to rescue a culture that once stood like ancient rome, but now clashing with the germania.

Through this blog, i intent to address characters, history and the convoluted world of comic books. who knows perhaps we can make this one stop shop to understand comics and yes of course graphic novels